BadHabitz | Pueblo's Premier Party Band

Tony Samora | Drums & Percussion's

Tony started playing when he received his first set of drums at the age of 4. He began his entertainment career at age 7, playing with his father Leo Samora in the band, Modern Antiques. Throughout life he has played all types of music including during 1978 and 1979 he recorded and traveled with two gospel bands, Wings of Love and Compassion. Tony is also proud to have played with Modern Antiques, City Limits, Los Chicanos Alegres, Brown Persuasion, Sugar & Spice, Maya Band, Tabu, Midnight Taxi, Music Express and Night Cruiser. He is always willing to donate his talent to worthy causes, organizing and playing at many fund-raisers, benefits and community events. He continues to help organize the entertainment for the Chile & Frijoles Festival in Pueblo, Colorado. His love of music is now a tradition with the 3rd generation, his son, AJ following in his footsteps. Tony takes pride in his relationships with the great musicians and artists from San Antonio, TX.

Mike Herrera | Bassist 

Mike has played in various bands since he was 15. He has been a musician for 29 years in Pueblo and surrounding areas. Mike performed with the Aztlan Band, Maya Band, Coyote Band, The Gutierrez Orchestra, Full Force Band and the Latin Sounds from Colorado Springs. Mike voice that has a soulful sound and a passion for music.

Emanual Gauna | Keyboards, Accordion & Vocals

Emanuel grew up around Tejano music, with his father, Shawn Gauna, playing drums for Los Jalapeños. At about 8 years old, he started to play the accordion and sing. He had a childhood band with his twin brother, Emiliano, and cousin. Always practicing to get better and dreaming big, they later built up the talent to start playing for little shows. After awhile, the childhood band died down and it was just Emanuel and his twin brother, Emiliano, jamming together and making music. When Emanuel was 10, he started to write his own music and building his own arrangements. At first it was gospel music, as they helped lead praise and worship at their church. Emanuel knew that he needed to expand his talents into other instruments; playing the accordion wasn’t enough. At the age of 14, he got himself a keyboard and tried to focus on building a talent there. It didn’t take long for him to get the hang of it, because music ran through his blood effortlessly. Learning the keyboards made him an all-around musician, with the exception of orchestra instruments, and the guitar. He is a Vocalist, and knows how to play Accordion, Drums, Bass, Percussion, and nowKeyboards.  Using YouTube to learn more chords has helped him a lot. At 17, he started to notice that a lot of artist using smooth jazz chords in songs was a skill he needed to learn. Emanuel currently has his own band, Emanuel Gauna y El Visión, pushing to get an album done with 12 original songs that are written by his brother, Emiliano and himself. When he had found out Bad Habitz were in need of a keyboard player, he jumped on that opportunity; not to leave his own band and goals, but to better his experience in the music industry. Emanuel loves playing music and helping out another band fuels the enjoyment he has for playing music. Emanuel dreams to make it big someday in Tejano music, and he has the patience to wait for his opportunity to succeed that dream.

 John Ballesteros | Lead Vocals

John was born into a family of musical talent. At age 12 John began playing drums and then his mother taught him the saxophone and eventually he became lead singer. He is an accomplished lead vocalist and front man to be seen and heard. John’s preference is Tejano but likes oldies, country, classics and rock ‘n roll music, which are included in his performance. When John croons a song, the depth of emotion and love of music is in every word and note he sings. John has performed with Sangre Chicana, Los Latinos, La Raza Unida, and Tejano Plus.

 Serina Tapia | Lead Vocals


   Ricardo "Chacho" Herrera | Accordion